Life – a poem

by suleimanharuna


Life . . .
Flicker of a stricken match
Dancing wild
Suddenly out
But a thread of smoke
Then silence

Life . . .
A chest of hopes
Raided by the fingers
Of the kleptomanic time

Life . . .
Torrents of rain and wind
Razing sleep
To a gentle breeze, trailing
Then silence.

Life’s the fruit’s green, ripe and rot
The ephemeral peal of the thunder
The luscious mango seed that slips off

Life’s a soul,
Life’s the way we grow,
Life’s the on-switch
Nascence, youth, prime and grey

Life’s seasons
Of cold, heat, dry, wet

Life props to the world
And let’s go to a crash

Life’s the day of luck and ill-luck
Death the day of luck or ill-luck

Life’s the prey
Death the bird of prey
The terminal off-switch

Life’s the shadow of death the shadow of life

Life’s the sweet tang of continuity
At its painful brim discontinuity