by suleimanharuna

As I bask in my jolly, jolly glide
And stretch and play and pride
And do so with an open mind
I tinker over the slowly growing tide

I soon felt sad, so brood
And thought of all those wasting dudes
So handsome, babes so beautiful
yet by death so surely booked

come mate tell me this
what’s this HIV?
That marries the skin to the bone
And divorces forth the wholesome flesh

HIV that shades the ray of hope
And draws conclusions
Even at the intro stage
And makes the future a retributive age

Come mate, tell me still
Why cant it the amoral kill?
To give us all a Godly bait?
And leave us in a saintly state

Why the baby, the pregnant
Say, why the re-blooded
And why the manicured?

These earls of melancholy
By choice or force
Are our own timing chains
They die, we lose

While we wait for cure
We owe them love, care and hope
And trust them
As our prayers sail through