God’s black? – Poem

by suleimanharuna

God’s black?

God’s black?


With a flat nose and all?

And hair like a horde of flies?

With skin as dark as soot?

No, God’s not black


Why’s Africa held back?

Why’s she asleep in a race for excellence?

Why does she tread on borrowed dreams?

Expecting the donkey to grow horns?

Why all the war and misrule?

Poverty, disease, squalor, corruption,

Why not

Plenty, peace, transparency?

If God’s black

Why are we so Goddamn bad?

If they’re painting us black

Through their megaphones

What else is our colour

What really is our trait?

They’re flinging skywards

By our own crude

While we’re trudging city-wards

In search of food

We trek shoeless through prickles and thorns

While they ski and skate and glide

They churn out wonders

While we flaunt magic

That cannot stop our wanton ills

Had they underdeveloped Africa?



Why did not our forebears

Set sail to discover Europe

Or America or Germany

And enslave them

Why did we not invent guns?

To rule the world and flaunt our arms

Even as we enslave our own

And kill just to show we can

Look, my brother, let me land

God was never black

Nor will our outlook change

Until we change from being black

Our leaders are too drenched

They cannot possibly change

But our youths through this exchange

Can introduce changes and may be then

And only then…

Can we say God is black