Folly of man – Poem

by suleimanharuna

folly of man


At dawn…

When the tailless, hairless man was born

With his rib-clone and feline pair,

The devil, to them mocked with scorn

Then found in their hearts his lair.

Crowned with glory as can be don

And seated in natures highest stair,

Man ruled till time was weak and worn

And night was drawing near.


Now this man’s wanton, fervent crave

Saw him search from the cave

To the farthest lands to brave

All odds and dangers stave.

Atimes he wins, at others raves

Hoping in the end to save

Himself from meeting the grave

Even though he’ll surely wave.


Man is a constant war-monger

Venting his spleen, and baying his anger

Maiming, killing adults and people younger

Persisting for decades or even longer

Despite pleas and pleas, this could linger

But he protects himself to the finger

Yet he could be a peace harbinger

Or even be a love singer.


In his quest for ego, liberty,

Riches but no profundity,

Man indulges, and discards probity

Kicks chastity and abhors sanctity.

Though, mindful of his life’s brevity

And the power of his own deity

Sometimes he recoups with alacrity

And regrets his deeds, with levity.


Man efforts in technology

But for mores, displays his allergy

Such dumb form of synergy!

Even in human psychology,

It is a course of liturgy

Some dose of moral ped’gogy

And absence of self-eulogy

That makes a divine trilogy


At dusk…

When the sheepish fact is shorn

And beef known from hair

Man’s science, from reality is torn

And he’s pulled from his chair,

To penance, the world is sworn

And remorse’s the man’s lot, fair.

Herald, man, the fresh new morn

And recharge! This time, do be fair