Tonight – Poem

by suleimanharuna


Tonight, what a night

The moon so marmoreal

Entwined in the ephemeral silence

Of the pensive night

Traversing the sable circumference

From a golden horizon to a golden horizon

As quietly as a dropping pin

The stars harmonizing by alternating twinkles

Glittering diamonds plugged into the infinite darkness

Send their feather-soft rays to rekindle my weary bones

The night air so asleep, not a motion in sight

I watch the trees the leaves,

Droop in silent slumber

As still as can be.

Noise itself is so dead,

I heard the pigeon snore

Nocturnal life form a silhouette

Against hazy beams

Tiptoeing insects dart by

To complement the stillness that pervades

Then a cock-a-doodle-do

A neigh and a bray

And then it is day

Sleep awakes and quiet brakes

The darkness is whitewashed by the yolky sun