For Kofi Annan, a poem

by suleimanharuna

Courage (for Kofi Annan)

Courage’s a hump or bigger baggage

Sometimes feels like heavy tonnage

But it’s not all useless haulage

Especially if you don’t take umbrage.

For the great, it’s a necessary carriage

In zones of major blockade

Or others of missile cascade

Where innocent lives are waylaid

Into expiry, and peace delayed

Yours, arbiter, is portrayed.

I know you hold no bile

You fight arms stockpile

From the Don, Hudson and Nile

Even when your health is fragile.

On this earth, you’ve touched every mile.

Continue to fight this fight

That man will see the light

And know that might aint right.

By the time it is night

Your courage will hold tight.


You’re one in six billion!