Abuja – poem

by suleimanharuna


This morphed squirt of dream

Wheeled, moving

Nestles a bird, what a bird!

She’s a cross between quintessence and hue

But vesture bala’i underneath

Plush hotels, posh mansions

Secret plethora within

Serene air, coloured

With the scent of France

And roads like a splash of the Niger-Delta

The hills are undulating tuwo

The high for few,

The low for some

While the plains mean none for you and me

But come . . .

Visit Karmu, Nyanya, Kado

The splash of squalor and want

Mediocrity cries out

With trekkers’ long queues

For buses unavailable or few

With long faces and short tempers

And the no water, no light banter

Men with necktie

And tie-neck demands

With tucked-in shirts

But no food tucked-in!

With full dresses

But empty pockets

And ladies in wigs and skirts, skirting . . .

All round the town.