Kano’s millennium song – poem

by suleimanharuna

Kano’s millennium song

Kano was born

Amidst the clang of metal

The hip hop of the hoe

And the relentless journey of the hunter

She muscled to greatness

And chastised her foes

Then turned her swords into ploughshares

Her markets are anthills

And her dye-pits, blisters

From a long-forgotten sore

Her schools are match-boxes

To flame the zealous youths

Her youths are fountains to shoot up light

Light are her mallams

Like the countless stars

And her kings lead forth

Like the famed southern star

Kano’s great

Kano’s beyond compare

Kano’s a cinch to break all spheres

Dabo’s, dantata’s, dan masani’s

Your luck comes

From the crow of the morn’s bugler

Your strength comes

From wit and ‘I will sell’

And your rest

Comes from’ yes, I have sold’