The waning love – poem

by suleimanharuna

The waning love

Manna’s cast on Nigeria’s turf

The apple of God’s eye

A land of potent visions

And untethered hopes

A virile population, indivisible

With the youths unminced zeal

In making a country

A land of comely climes

And potent soils from above and below

This providence is waning

For want of reciprocity

‘cos cruelty imbibed

Transforms us into semblances of spite

Hearts egocentric, averse to dialogue

Individual pains, plaints, source popular mirth

Bedeviling us with insuperable trials

Our wells are drying, cleavages deepening

Our dreams narrowed to food

Rains are falling with hails and winds

We’re sore and blistered birdlings

Crying for a mother long stewed

In a hunters pot, hopeless

This a painful retribution

Lest we check our insurgent ways

So dark clouds could drift in

To shield us from the hot searing sun

And vomit its carriage

So our children born into adversity

Could know ease