The endangered earth – poem

by suleimanharuna

The endangered earth

It’s full of poniards, the sky

Piercing craniums, oh my!

Verve in verve we try

In a bid, the earth, to dry

Of life, doom, pulling nigh.

The cairn lost to the last modicum

Blaring danger signals ad infinitum

Of dope, holocaust and AIDS, all an agendum

Portraying our world a ravaged skeleton

Infected by intellectual suicide syndrome

Our natural habitat smothering under the yoke

Of toxic waste, oil slick, industrial pollution

Detrimenting ozone, acid rain, marine massacres

Bush burning, poaching, deforestation denuding her

Adieu to halcyon weathers

Our endangered earth

Reneges on, and gives a wide berth

To the flair of destructiveness

In seeking the providential path

All aboard for our only hearth